Kitchen Refurb in Hove

On a nice little road in Hove was lovely little flat in need of a little kitchen replacement. The old one was removed and disposed of. All tiles removed. Old floor up. Bit of a mission when dealing with flats where the kitchen is upstairs, taking it all outside I did about a million steps…

After removing all the kitchen, it’s time to check everything over to make sure we are all sweet. We did hit a little snag. When doing a survey, you can’t see everything because not all is on show, like the pipe work under the boiler. We found that this pipe work comes down at the back of the proposed new integrated freezer. The problem with this is, there is literally 10mm behind the appliance so no room for pipes. So in with a heating engineer.

In the end we got a great solution with the pipe work. All hidden by panels and cabinets. The next pics will be the finished product including details…

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