Vehicles are a pain!

So, I’ve had a Renault Master for a few years. It’s be a lovely size, good quality and overall I have been quite happy with it. Since I bought it I hadn’t realise there was a metallic sound coming from the engine. It broke down a few times, due to metallic debris on the crankshaft sensor. After removing the sensor and wiping it free of metal shards everything is ok. This happened 3 times. Last week I wanted to get it back on the road again, it’s been sorn for a year while I had use of another van. The turbo blew up on it last time I was recovered. As the turbo was broken, I decided to replace it with a reconditioned turbo from a similar engine. The work went fine, changed oil and all filters. Was running again nicely. Now as it was sorn I needed to get it MOT’D, and class 7 vehicles are hard to get MOT’D… I drove to Uckfield with it to make it legal. Round the corner from the Mot test station, oil light came on, then came the smoke 💨… Then came the noise… From the sound of it, one or more of the crankshaft bearing had gone and the engine was nearly about to put a piston through a valve. Safe to say that the old Renault master is decommissioned and I’m looking for a new one. Presently as I write this post, I’m on the train to the West Midlands to test drive a new one. I’m going for a VW Crafter. MWB and a nice pokey engine, 135 BHP. All I can say now is that old van has cost me so much money, it’s going to be hard to scrap it. Do I break it down myself? I don’t know, is it worth the time? Anybody got any experience in the matter?

So soon I will be back racking out a van then I will be back to work. Been a bit of a setback to say the least. Please get in touch with any project any of you have that I may be able to do for you.

Pictures to follow…

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